People ask me, “What denomination are you?”

I’m not always sure how to answer. The only response I know how to give is this. I try to imagine it was me Christ was speaking too when he called his first disciples (Mark 1:19)… ‘Come follow me’, he said, and that’s what I’ve tried I do, albeit somewhat imperfectly for the passed 40 years. So if you’ve ever said ‘Yes’ in your heart to the same question then you’re brother or a sister, whatever label you may be under.

And if you’ve not considered this, it maybe something you will one day ponder on too. In the meantime, I love and respect you as you are. I look for the gold in everyone no matter what because I recognise that God has given us all the same free will to respond to those 3 little words, “Come Follow me”.

So here’s mine… “Where’s’ my shoes!…”

[A happy member of Gateway Church, Merthyr Tydfil, a family of God who love and value one another and try to put God at the centre of all we do.]

"It is a church made up of people who I see as my extended family"

I have been a member of Gateway Church for approximately 12 years. It is a church made up of people who I see as my extended family. It is also a Church that holds dear to compassion, prayer and worship.

During the pandemic we have still kept a togetherness via the technology that is available and we have actually grown. I have suffered quite badly at times during the past 2 years but I always know that there are fellow members holding me up in prayer which a price cannot be put on.

I am very grateful for my brothers and sisters and am looking forward to the future as we move towards a more hybrid model of Church. I am a very capable talker but the greatest challenge to us is to walk the walk. These are very challenging times but I am at peace with God if not always with myself and what price can be put on that.