We Believe


He is the one and only true God, who is eternally and co-equally Father, Son and Holy Spirit – created everything that exists from nothing. Every human being is accountable to Him.


God has spoken through the Bible, which is the only divine, inspired and trustworthy Word of God and the authoritative record of His message to mankind.


All people fall short of God’s moral perfection, and violate His standards and values. Our sin alienates us from God and places us under His judgment. Apart from God’s free offer of saving grace, man is without

hope, whose destiny is eternal judgment.


In Jesus, God became man. Jesus’ death and resurrection offer the one and only basis for the forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God and the gift of eternal life. All of these gifts of grace are received on the basis of personal trust in Christ and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord.


Christian baptism for believers and by full immersion celebrates God’s grace to us in Jesus; it expresses decisive personal faith in the life of the person baptised; offers a spiritual burial for past sins and it affirms our belonging, both to the church of Jesus Christ in the world and within the life of a particular church fellowship.


God sends His Holy Spirit into the life of each Christian believer to illuminate our understanding of His word and ways, to empower us with His spiritual gifts and fruits to develop Christ-like character and to equip us to serve Him in the church and world.

​We believe that as Jesus brought a display of the kingdom of God through physical, emotional and spiritual healings and signs and wonders while He was on the earth, the Holy Spirit also empowers us to do the same works as He did.

Through the Holy Spirit, and on the basis of all that Christ has done for us, each Christian has a direct personal relationship with the Father, and a part to play both in the ministry of the church and in sharing our faith with those who are not yet Christians.


Jesus Christ will one day return to earth in glory, to judge the world, to renew creation and to complete the work He has begun in us.